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We use the highest quality components available in our items at Jamjewels.
Caring for your jewelry will lengthen it's lifespan and appearance. 
-Swarovski crystal pearls are quite hardy but for longevity we suggest you apply body sprays and perfumes well BEFORE dressing in any of your Jamjewels and avoid rough handling. Clean gently with warm soapy water, rinse and dry gently.
-Do not use harsh cleaners or liquid jewelry cleaners. We suggest warm, mild soapy water to clean your rhodium, white gold, gold and rose gold jewelry, rinsing afterwards.
-Getting into the 'nooks and crannies' - use a soft toothbrush gently.
-Even some 'silver' cloths can remove the plating when rubbed vigorously.
-Do not swim or shower in your Jamjewels jewelry.
-Sashes and beaded cuffs should be dry cleaned only and with the advice of the dry cleaner performing the job. Satin ribbon ties can be ironed with a clean, warm iron and trimmed to your preferred length on a 45' angle (also if fraying) with sharp scissors.
If you have any issues please contact us for advice.
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